learning Outdoors

Recent studies have highlighted some benefits of outdoor learning for young children, most of the outdoor activities are ‘hands-on’ and take
place in our outside play area

We develop further what we have learnt and experienced from the outdoors and link our experiences to the Foundation Stage Curriculum. We make
pictures and art work from things we have collected, talking about our experiences and expanding on what has been learnt.

Our children spend as much time outside as they do inside the beauty of children playing outside is that they learn so much more and so differently from playing inside. allowing them to negotiate uneven ground, circumnavigate logs, helps even the youngest walkers to manage themselves and better judge risks.

We commit to help our children learn from their own discoveries and experiences, a fun experience of the great outdoors that we hope will
encourage a love and respect for nature for years to come.

It is too easy under the guise of health and safety to try and remove the risks and therefore take away any challenge in the activity or environment
for the children. We understand that if a child’s need for challenge, is not met, this will often express itself in other ways including ‘challenging

The importance to us of this type of outdoor activity is in providing children the opportunity to take risks, encourage the right choices and build their self-confidence.




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